School Vision Curriculum – intent, implementation, impact

To deliver a curriculum that is broad, ambitious and meets the needs of all learners. This curriculum will promote deeper learning and mastery and raise students aspirations to improve student outcomes, preventing limitations to post 16 study choices for our young people to ensure all learners have the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed in life.


Providing a high standard of education, which personalises the learning experience for each of our students, is at the heart of Shrewsbury Academy.

At the centre of this is the desire to produce successful learners for the future, equipped with the skills that will enable them to prosper and achieve in the 21st Century. We therefore embrace a curriculum that is broad, well-balanced and flexible enough to meet the needs of each individual. Through this, we aim to encourage and support all our students to reach their full potential and celebrate their successes, whatever their ability.

Learning opportunities are embedded to help students convert their potential to high achievement and students are consistently driven to reach their personal best. Students are engaged, focused and eager to learn and regular assessments monitor and drive learning forward.

During a student’s educational journey at Shrewsbury Academy, they will cover two Key Stages – 3 and 4.

Key Stage 3

During the first two years students will follow Key Stage 3 – a curriculum designed to follow national guidelines as well as providing the essential foundations and building blocks for learning in Key Stage 4 and beyond.

We believe successful creative lifelong learners participate in a journey of self-discovery – they know how to learn, how to acquire skills and feel safe to take risks with confidence and courage.

We strongly believe that by making learning challenging, inspirational and engaging, it becomes collaborative, active and creative.

Key Stage 4

All students follow a core curriculum which includes English, Mathematics, Science, either Geography or History and core P.E.

In addition to this students study either a French/Spanish or Citizenship.

Our approach to study a three year KS4 is to develop mastery and deeper learning, enabling our students to achieve the best outcomes they possibly can whilst still accessing other areas of the curriculum for enjoyment and breadth through our established Session 5 programme.

English lectures and session 6

Our English lectures and session 6 information is below

English – Session 6

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