Expectations for communications between parents/carers and staff.

It is very important to us that we work closely in partnership with parents and carers, and communication between home and school is key. We recognise however that it can often be difficult communicating with teachers because they have a very full timetable; and we recognise that parents and carers also have very busy lives.

If you are not currently receiving emails from the school and would like to, please contact us on 01743 276700 or email

Please use staff email addresses if you need to contact staff directly:

  • Teachers are not in a position to check emails consistently throughout the day and the school does not expect work email to be checked during a teacher’s personal time.
  • We aim to respond to you as soon as possible and within three working days. Part-time staff may take longer to reply.

Where an email address is not provided, letters will be sent home via students.

Student Planner
Communication by email or student planner are the preferred method:                                                           

  • Notes in student planners are by far the best way to get a message to a teacher promptly and should be used for the majority of everyday communication;
  • The student is responsible for showing the note to the correct teacher.  This is the best way to ask them to contact you if you require a more detailed conversation.

Teachers want to respond to parental queries at the earliest opportunity and will do their best to do so, however, the majority of teachers’ time is taken up teaching and preparing for lessons. Teachers’ responsibilities extend beyond the classroom, and they may be unable to respond to you on the day a query is made. Our policy is that there is no expectation to respond to queries during their personal/family time.

Lots of useful information is posted on the school website including letters/emails, latest news stories, exam information, event details, term dates, Parents’ Evening dates etc. Please check the website regularly for updates and information. Paper copies of all information on the site are available and will be given free of charge.

In certain circumstances, we may contact you via phone/text (where a mobile number is provided).

Please use the main reception number to leave a message for a teacher to contact you:

  • Reception staff will relay messages to teachers as soon as possible.
  • If a call is urgent, please inform the receptionist who will attempt to find a senior member of staff to speak to you.
  • We will try to respond to you within three working days, if not the same day.
  • Please note lessons will never be interrupted for teachers to take calls.

How do parents contact the school?

General Enquiries
For general enquiries from parents and members of the public, please contact reception either on 01743 276700 or via our web contact form.

If you are unsure about who you need to speak to or who may be able to assist you with your enquiry, please call 01743 276700 and the receptionist will direct your call to the appropriate person.

Contacting your child’s tutor or arranging a meeting

The day-to-day care, welfare and safety of your child is managed by the person who is placed closest to them.

In the first instance, please approach the following members of staff who are responsible for your child in the following order:

  1. Form Tutor or Classroom Teacher (if query is relevant to a specific subject). Your child’s tutor should be your first point of contact (apart from when you are reporting your child absent, please see notes below). Every parent/carer has been issued with a Tutor Contact Form which provides details on your child’s tutor and how to contact them directly. If you have not received this information, please contact us on 01743 276700 or email
  2. Head of Year (for academic issues) or Director of Faculty (if query is relevant to a specific subject) alternatively you can contact Attitude to Learning Leaders (for pastoral issues)
  3. Assistant Headteacher
  4. Deputy Headteacher
  5. Headteacher

Meetings should always be pre-arranged with members of staff. Please do not visit the school without an appointment hoping to see a member of staff. It is not acceptable to go beyond reception to find a member of staff. If you urgently need to see someone, for instance if there is a serious family emergency or a child protection issue, please phone ahead and the reception staff will do their best to find a senior member of staff to see you.

For non-urgent meetings we will aim to meet with you within five working days. The school will determine the level of urgency at its discretion, to enable it to manage multiple demands.

Student absence
When reporting your child as absent, please ALWAYS contact the Attendance officer first on 07468 861944.

No response

If you have not received a response from the school within three working days please contact the school by emailing and we will chase up your enquiry. Communication with parents and carers is important to us, and we will continue to monitor this policy and our approach to improve the process further.