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Revision Tips

Year 11 | Top tips to help support your child:

Over the upcoming weeks our teachers will be sharing some top tips style information with parents & carers. These talking points are particularly of relevance to help support students of Year 11 outside the classroom in preparation for their exams.

Please find copies of the materials below, along with the relevant week they will be focussed on:

Parent Top Tip 1 – Aspirations (week commencing 12/10/20).

Parent Top Tip 2 – Encouraging Independence (week commencing 02/11/20).

Parent Top Tip 3 – Encouraging Productive Learning (week commencing  09/11/20).

Parent Top Tip 4 – Helping your child get into good habits (week commencing 16/11/20).

Parent Top Tip 5 – Don’t Break the Chain (week commencing 23/11/20).

Parent Top Tip 6 – Subjects YOU struggled with (week commencing  30/11/20).

Parent Top Tip 7 – Building Resilience (week commencing 07/12/20).

Parent Top Tip 8 – How to support revisiting learning (week commencing  14/12/20).

Parent Top Tip 9 – Spacing and Timing of Revision (week commencing 04/01/21).

Parent Top Tip 10 – The Interleaving Technique (week commencing 11/01/21).

Parent Top Tip 11 – Using Flashcards (week commencing 18/01/21).

Parent Top Tip 12 – The Chunking Technique (week commencing  25/01/21).

Parent Top Tip 13 – Keeping Active during Revision (week commencing 01/02/21).

Parent Top Tip 14 – Night Before Exam Preparation (week commencing 08/02/21).

Parent Top Tip 15 – Handling Exam pressure (week commencing 22/03/21).


GCSE | How we set minimum GCSE Grades:

A copy of the below information can be downloaded – here.