Parents’ Information


Shrewsbury Academy – Centre Policy for GCSEs Summer 2021


Options 2021

PD Day 12th July 2021

Letter regarding PD Day 12th July 2021 

Time to shine – 19th April to 14th May

Parents and students of Year 11 please find information regarding the time to shine programme – here.

Attitude to Learning Grade Descriptors

A copy can be downloaded – here.

Year 11 Easter Holiday Revision Schedule

Easter 2021 Revision Schedule  – Year 11

Revision Tips

GCSE Top tips to help support your child:

These talking points are particularly of relevance to help support students in preparation for their exams.

Please find copies of the materials below:

Parent Top Tip 1 – Aspirations

Parent Top Tip 2 – Encouraging Independence

Parent Top Tip 3 – Encouraging Productive Learning

Parent Top Tip 4 – Helping your child get into good habits

Parent Top Tip 5 – Don’t Break the Chain

Parent Top Tip 6 – Subjects YOU struggled with

Parent Top Tip 7 – Building Resilience

Parent Top Tip 8 – How to support revisiting learning

Parent Top Tip 9 – Spacing and Timing of Revision

Parent Top Tip 10 – The Interleaving Technique

Parent Top Tip 11 – Using Flashcards

Parent Top Tip 12 – The Chunking Technique

Parent Top Tip 13 – Keeping Active during Revision

Parent Top Tip 14 – Night Before Exam Preparation

Parent Top Tip 15 – Handling Exam pressure


16/03/21 |Determining GCSE’S for Year 11:

A copy of the below information can be downloaded – here.































































15/10/20 | How we set minimum GCSE Grades:

A copy of the below information can be downloaded – here.