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Homework Overview

Information regarding homework at KS3 and KS4 for the 2023-2024 academic year:

Something 4 Tea (S4T)

This free and confidential food support is open to all, with no criteria to access this service.

S4T was set up by Sue Thomas, a Teaching Assistant at Shrewsbury Academy, who believed that no child should come to school on an empty stomach or families struggle to purchase food to make meals in an evening. We are honoured to continue this service in memory of Sue, which is accessible to all families and students at Shrewsbury Academy.

S4T provides a bag of food items for families to support when required. Bags may include cereals, tinned goods, pasta, rice, soups, fresh food, dependant upon food that is in stock.

If any families wish to access support please contact Lucy Howells or Rachel Powell on the email addresses below. or to access.

We are thankful for all donations from agencies, services, community, and parents and staff that ensure that this incredible service continues.

We are also able to refer our school community to local food bank services if required.

Rewards Programme

Details of our rewards programme below.

Attitude to Learning Grade Descriptors

A copy can be downloaded – here.

Revision Tips

GCSE Top tips to help support your child:

These talking points are particularly of relevance to help support students in preparation for their exams.

Please find copies of the materials below:

Parent Top Tip 1 – Aspirations

Parent Top Tip 2 – Encouraging Independence

Parent Top Tip 3 – Encouraging Productive Learning

Parent Top Tip 4 – Helping your child get into good habits

Parent Top Tip 5 – Don’t Break the Chain

Parent Top Tip 6 – Subjects YOU struggled with

Parent Top Tip 7 – Building Resilience

Parent Top Tip 8 – How to support revisiting learning

Parent Top Tip 9 – Spacing and Timing of Revision

Parent Top Tip 10 – The Interleaving Technique

Parent Top Tip 11 – Using Flashcards

Parent Top Tip 12 – The Chunking Technique

Parent Top Tip 13 – Keeping Active during Revision

Parent Top Tip 14 – Night Before Exam Preparation

Parent Top Tip 15 – Handling Exam pressure

Year 11 Roadmap 2022-2023


Download a copy here