Neighbourhood Watch Community Charter

Shrewsbury Academy has signed up to be part of the Neighbourhood Watch Community Safety Charter and as such is making a commitment to take positive, concrete steps to contribute to making our area safer for everyone. Neighbourhood Watch has created the Community Safety Charter to better understand how different organisations and individuals working together for a common aim can help reduce incidents of harassment, antisocial behaviour, and intimidation in public spaces and ensure that those who are affected are given the reassurance and support they need.

We are supporting this aim by pledging to:

By signing up to the Community Safety Charter and promoting our commitment to ensuring places are safe, we can have a profound effect on the wellbeing, feelings of safety and confidence of others in our local area by ensuring that individuals know that other people are looking out for them. Potential offenders will perceive greater risk in offending, knowing that there are people in the area equipped and prepared to take positive action or report offences if they witness offending behaviour.

Please visit Community Safety Charter to learn more about the scheme.