Shrewsbury Academy’s Commitment to Safety Upheld in Annual Safer Schools Review

We are proud to share that Shrewsbury Academy have recently had a Safer Schools annual review, in attendance at this meeting were Ryan Jervis our Chair of Governors, Ian Bartlett Crime Prevention Officer for Shropshire Council Safeguarding Team and representatives from West Mercia Police. We are delighted to announce that we have successfully maintained our Safer Schools accreditation, thank you to all who have supported!

Feedback from Ian Bartlett, Crime Prevention Officer for Shropshire Council Safeguarding Team:

“With strong commitment and involvement, Shrewsbury Academy has maintained it’s Safer School accreditation since 2013. This safeguarding, security, and safety process was well demonstrated at a recent Safer School meeting involving school staff, a governor, the Police and myself representing Shropshire Council. 

“An important aspect of Safer Schools is listening to the views of those involved with the academy. To achieve this, surveys of both parents/carers and students had been carried out in advance of our meeting. Reassuringly, the overall feedback was good. We reviewed the surveys in some detail and the school is implementing changes where necessary.  Fortunately, these changes are relatively few and an improvement year on year. Excellent progress. 

“The academy was presented with an updated Safer School certificate and a future meeting is planned for 2025. At this meeting, we’ll review the extensive new building and site changes. Early suggestions would appear to be a great improvement for the future.”

Visit our Safer School page to learn more about the initiative.

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