Shrewsbury Academy Embraces Improvement and Progress

Shrewsbury Academy recently received feedback from Ofsted resulting in a rating of ‘Requires Improvement’. The report gives us clear evidence of improvement since joining the Marches Academy Trust with areas for development giving us a focus to develop the school further at pace. We are pleased to highlight the positive momentum and dedication within our school community for the students and families at the school.

At Shrewsbury Academy, our staff members demonstrate an exceptional understanding of our students, fostering high levels of care and support. Grounded in our commitment to the Trust’s mission of “achievement through caring”, we prioritise providing students with enriching opportunities for growth and learning.

Recent enhancements in behaviour management have contributed to a more conducive learning environment, characterised by better routines and increased tranquillity. Consistency remains an ongoing focus, student feedback underscores a prevailing sense of safety within the school premises.

We are encouraged by the progress we have achieved so far and remain committed to moving the school in the right direction, guided by our collective determination to excel.

Exciting developments are underway at Shrewsbury Academy, including a significant build project aimed at enhancing our teaching spaces and facilities. This initiative reflects our unwavering dedication to providing students with an exceptional educational experience.

As we continue on our journey of improvement, we are implementing new processes to ensure inclusivity and to maximize opportunities for every child and young person. By listening to feedback from staff, students, and the wider community, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering our vision.

Jim Taylor, newly appointed Headteacher, shares his perspective: “We haven’t got it right all of the time, but by listening to staff, students, and our community, we will continue to work with families to deliver our vision. We are all proud to be at Shrewsbury Academy, and I am eager to lead the school forward in my new role.”

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