Wellbeing | School community reinvigorated after ‘take-a-break’ day

With home schooling continuing this past term, mental health and wellbeing for students and staff has been high priority for the The Marches Academy Trust. With this in mind, the Senior Leadership Team at Shrewsbury Academy planned a virtual ‘take-a-break’ day on Thursday 11th February for their students and staff, with sessions focusing on mental health, wellbeing and physical activity. One of the highlights included a special virtual dance workshop with former Strictly Come Dancing professional, Robin Windsor!

Students and staff started the wellbeing day with a session from Anna Taylor focusing on mindfulness and reflection. Students then worked with Kooth, an online counselling and wellbeing charity and the Trailblazers project. Meanwhile staff had a motivational session with life coach, Matt Messias. At 11:30am the whole school came together to dance the morning away with former Strictly Come Dancing professional Robin Windsor. They had an absolutely FAB-U-LOUS time experiencing the cha cha, salsa and even a bit of disco through the virtual workshop! The afternoon was then less structured to enable all the school to ‘take-a-break’.  Students and staff were encouraged to spend their afternoon walking their dogs, reading a good book and baking.

The day has received great feedback from the school community. Year 11 student, Charlotte Upton commented; “I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this and it’s really great to be able to do something different and get moving! I was a little sceptical about doing it at first, but I feel amazing now so thank you very much for arranging it!” Year 9 student, Alfie Booth also appreciated the day commenting; “I really enjoyed the Robin Windsor dance class, the feeling good lesson was really interesting as well, I have realised that it is important to look after yourself and your mind. Thank you for a great day.” Staff member Kim Hansen added; “Thank you to all those who organised today! I loved the dancing, especially when you think it was something most staff and students were all taking part in at the same time – a real feel-good factor. Anna’s mindfulness was calm and relaxing which is great first thing in the morning. Whereas Matt’s talk was more fast paced and set us up for the dancing!”

Assistant Headteacher Angela Grant who helped organise the event commented; “The leadership team are incredibly pleased with how the wellbeing day has gone. With the lockdown continuing over the last term, we felt it was time for the whole school community; staff, students and parents to take a break and take some time away from structured lessons. We wanted to create a day where everyone was part of something different, but still part of the school community. We now all hopefully look forward, with a reinvigorated mind-set, ready to take on the challenges of the next half-term…keep dancing!”

BBC Radio Shropshire

Did you catch Assistant Headteacher Angela Grant and former Strictly Come Dancing professional Robin Windsor on BBC Radio Shropshire? They were speaking to presenters Adam Green and Clare Ashford ahead of our Wellbeing Day. If you missed it, you can listen to the interview snippet in the clip below:

Photos and videos from the day

^ Setting up Robin Windsor’s virtual dance workshop in the school hall.

^ Teya Weaver following along to the dance lesson from home.

^ Students of keyworkers dancing along to the session in the school hall.

^ Online workshops | Canine friends also took part!

^ Pete Boughton shared how he took a break – taking his dog for a relaxing walk.

^ Some of the pastoral team dancing along with Robin’s virtual workshop.

The timetable:

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