Exciting partnership with the National School Breakfast Programme

We have just entered a partnership with the National School Breakfast Programme to provide a free breakfast for our students at Shrewsbury Academy until the end of this academic year.

As part of trialling the scheme, during this week we have been offering our Year 11’s a complimentary breakfast ahead of their GCSE exams. As the saying goes ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ but sadly we know there will be plenty of students coming into school for their exams without having the opportunity to have a breakfast first. It is well known that having this meal can improve the readiness to learn, help with concentration and of course contributes to improved wellbeing. We are incredibly passionate about this and hope our students will reap the benefits!

Thank you to our wonderful canteen team, some of whom are pictured here serving items to our Year 11’s who thoroughly enjoyed it!


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