World Book Day Scavenger Hunt 2021


Please complete each task to earn points. Prizes for the top scorers. Send your entries to



Find a book set in the place you were born. We want the title, author and town/city you were born in.


Send in an image of the front cover of the book you have read most times.


Dress someone in your house as a character from a book you have read (toys and pets are acceptable).


Record yourself reading a paragraph to a book that means a lot to someone in your house.


Take a screenshot from the official website of a writer with the same surname as you.


Recreate a moment from a book you love using whatever materials you can find around you.


Take a photo of a bookcase/shelf or pile of books. This could be at home or elsewhere.


Draw a new front cover for the last book you read.


Find out the bestselling fiction and non-fiction books for the week you were born.


Write a brief letter to your favourite living writer explaining why their books means so much to you.

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