Shrewsbury Academy students publish their first ever novel

Shrewsbury Academy students and their parents/carers came together on Monday 16th December 2019 to celebrate the students’ first published novel titled, ‘After Image’.

A group of Year 9 students have recently been taking part in the White Water Writers project, this fantastic initiative gives young people the opportunity to collaboratively write and publish a novel. The Shrewsbury Academy students immersed themselves in the task and enjoyed learning about and partaking in the unique writing experience, which saw them plan, write and publish their novel.

The school hall was packed on Monday evening as the students accompanied by their parents/carers came together to celebrate the students’ fantastic achievement. Attendees were presented with copies of their published book, which is available to purchase on Amazon. Students took to the floor to read their passages from the book which was followed by the opportunity for the students to sign copies of After Image for their adoring fans. It was definitely an experience the students will never forget!


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