Alumni News | Sky News appearance for Shrewsbury Town Volunteer

Former student Geoff Freeman who volunteers at Shrewsbury Town FC recently made an appearance on Sky News! He spoke about how his involvement with the club and coaches during his time at school have really helped him discover his passion for coaching and mentoring.

As part of our Partner Schools Scheme with Shrewsbury Town in the Community, students at Shrewsbury Academy have the fantastic opportunity to work with a coach from Shrewsbury Town who alongside our PE staff help open up special links with the football club. Our Partner School Officer works with students who may benefit from a mentoring scheme, helping them to overcome challenges and receive fantastic rewards for achieving agreed targets. Groups also have a great opportunity to volunteer, helping to organise and run competitions with feeder primary schools – an excellent chance for students to develop their leadership skills and gain work experience.

It is so fantastic to see Geoff striving towards his aspiration of becoming management, we wish him all the best and have full confidence that he will reach his goal!

You can watch Geoff’s interview by clicking here.





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