It is school policy that every department set homework at least once a week at Shrewsbury Academy. Homework will be recorded in student planners and parents and carers are asked to check and sign the planners on a weekly basis. Homework is reviewed at regular intervals throughout the year.

Homework is set for a number of reasons:

  • It encourages students to work independently and develops the skills of lifelong learning
  • It allows for activities which we could not easily cover in school time
  • It links school to home life
  • It helps to keep parents and carers in touch with school work
  • It is essential for older children if they are to cover examination courses

The length of homework set may vary between subjects and some learners will take longer than others over the same piece of work. Different learners in the same group will also not necessarily be set the same work.

Homework Club

Homework Club is open from 3.10 -4pm every Tuesday in ICT 3 and is open to all students as a drop-in, as and when they wish to use it. The club offers access to Laptops, printers and all of the school resources. The aim of homework club is to support any students through current and future projects and to help them develop skills such as time management.